Climate Controlled Storage Units in Fort Pierce
Climate Controlled Storage Units in Fort Pierce

Climate Controlled Storage Units in Fort Pierce

A climate-controlled storage unit is a storage container that allows you to set the temperature and humidity to your specifications. A climate-controlled storage unit is your best option for storing; costly furniture, sentimentally priceless artifacts and important documents. Also, you can use the AC storage unit to store priceless collectibles, or just your favorite paintings and artwork.

Furthermore, the AC storage unit is the finest option when you're storing something that's significant to you. This is because they can hold objects of different shapes and sizes. Also, they guarantee security and stable weather conditions.

Why is it Important to Store Your Valuables in Climate-Controlled Units?

Climate-controlled storage provides better means to protect your valuables from the elements; than ordinary storage units do, regardless of the outside temperature or weather. Many things, from priceless artwork and antiques to technological equipment; need to be kept at their finest for a longer period of time. Damage brought on by heat or cold can compromise functionality. Also, they can even diminish the worth of such pricey items.


Additionally, you want to give your most priceless possessions the finest possible care. Choosing a facility with climate control or AC storage unit is the right method. This will help guarantee that your heirlooms, jewels, and beloved furniture pieces remain immaculate. Also, there is no risk of exposure to weather damage.

What Can You Put in Climate-Controlled Storage?

Furthermore, you can put anything in a climate-controlled or temp controlled storage unit; that you can store in a standard storage facility. This might include pricey works of art and paintings; priceless antiques, and materials that are fragile and sensitive to heat or cold.

What's more, other items that can make use of climate control in these units include; electronics like computers or servers. By maintaining a controlled temperature that's appropriate for the storage of technology; all of your data and information will remain safe and secure. Also, it eliminates any risk of exposure to heat or cold.

What Should the Temperature be in my Climate-controlled Unit?

Climate control requirements vary depending on each set of objects. Some things are more prone to mildew and mold damage, while others are more heat sensitive. Follow these instructions for every category of products.


To prevent corrosion, you must keep them between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit; with a relative humidity of 30 to 60%. You can achieve this with a temp controlled storage unit.


To prevent size changes and mold/mildew, you must store artwork  between 60 and 75 degrees; with a relative humidity of about 50%. Wine requires a highly specific environment with a temperature of 55 degrees, little light, and relative humidity between 50 and 80%. By doing this, issues with cork aging and seal will be avoided. Finally, you must keep wood furniture and other antiques  between 55 and 85 degrees with a humidity level of 30 to 50 percent.

Special Materials

Metal, for instance, requires storage at 35–75 degrees and 35–55% humidity. This stops moisture-related discoloration.

Miscellaneous Items

To prevent mold and mildew formation, clothes should be kept between 35 and 75 degrees with a relative humidity of around 55 percent. To avoid fading, books and photographs should also be stored out of direct sunlight. Also, you need to keep these things between 35 and 75 degrees with a humidity of 35%. Thus, making a temp controlled storage the right option.

We offer excellent storage solutions.

A climate-controlled container may be the ideal option for you if you're thinking about using storage for your special belongings. To learn more about our units, get in touch with us today. At Ft. Pierce Storage, we can create the right conditions for all of your near and dear items. Our temp controlled storage or AC storage unit remains the best option for you.

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Video Caption

Video Caption

Okay so this video is on our five by ten climate controlled storage at Fort Pierce.

Now our five by ten {is} a little bit 
bigger than a five by five obviously. 

What can you store in a five by ten 
temp controlled storage include; some things like tables mattresses chairs, multiple boxes, depends on how you pack these things. 

Also, if you could pack things like Tetris you 
can get a lot in there. The one thing you want to note about the Climate Controlled Storage Units is you want to make sure things are accessible.

if you're going to be accessing this multiple times obviously keeping a clear path in and out or some extra room is better than not. However, if you want to pack everything in and you're not going to be accessing then that's okay as well.

Our Climate Controlled Storage Units in Fort Pierce


This particular video we're going to talk about climate controlled storage. Climate controlled simply means we have the temperature and the humidity under control. So it's not succumbed to the elements outside the high humidity the crazy temperatures all of that we're going to have it controlled. 

The controlled environment we can advise you 
on what we keep it at we try to keep it modest but that way we could keep things for the most part under control and dry.

The humidity is really what we're going after and keeping that humidity out of there and keeping the temperatures from really getting up there.

What can you put in the AC storage unit?

Some things that 
you want to put in a climate controlled environment; or a temperature controlled storage ; also known as an air-conditioned storage unit is; documents, cardboard boxes that you don't want the box itself to get ruined; any type of furniture or antiques. Also, you can put some pictures, picture frames, or things like that.

Hence, whatever that you find dear to 
heart and dear and near that's what we call it. That's what you're going to want to put in the temp controlled storage. Also, this is our 5x10. In addition, we have other options below. Visit with the fort abbreviated:


We'll see 
you on the inside.

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