10′ x 15′ Public Storage in Fort Pierce
10′ x 15′ Public Storage in Fort Pierce

Public Storage Fort Pierce Self Storage (10' x 15' ) 



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Are you looking for a cheap, low-cost self-storage near me? Maybe you are in the Fort Pierce area and you’re searching for the best 10x15 public storage unit rental in Fort Pierce, Florida. Well, look no further, because you found us.


In this article, we will be discussing our top-of-the-line 10x15 public storage unit rental. We offer 10x15 in both climate control and non-climate control varieties. But here, we are highlighting the non-climate control version. This 10x15 is a great option for storing those bigger items or just for more extra space storage in Ft Pierce. 

How big is a 10x15 public storage Fort Pierce unit?



While the size is in the name, to give you a better mental image of what would fit into a 10x15 public storage unit rental; think of the size of a mid-sized bedroom in a house. Located in the ground-level accessible portion of our facility, the 10x15 public storage unit is a great value.


At Ft. Pierce Storage, we provide the best storage units in Florida. Also, our 10x15 options are perfect for anyone looking to declutter their home or office; and need just a bit more storage for their belongings or for storing some of the bulkier year-round items.  

What can you store in a 10x15 public storage unit rental?


Really, you can store anything you want in our 10x15 public storage units in Fort Pierce. It all comes down to how pack it in and how often you need the items that are stored. For example, if you need easy access to your belongings; we recommend that instead of packing up the whole unit; you leave a small aisle to enable you to walk around with ease. With that said, you can comfortably store tables, benches, desks, couches, love seats, dressers, bed frames, and more. 

What is the benefit of the non-climate control 10x15 public storage unit rental? 


Our non-climate control 10x15 public storage unit rentals are simply the best budget-friendly self-storage and regular storage units you can find in Fort Pierce, Florida. While there are high temperatures and high humidity in Florida, unless you are trying to store valuables such as art or other items that depend on stable temperatures, there is no reason to shell out the extra cash for climate control. 


So, for example, any item that is can be stably stored in a semi-human environment will survive just fine in our 10x15 options. 


Climate Control Public Storage Fort Pierce


If you feel that you may need some extra protection but don't want to go full-on climate control, we recommend that you can double-box things so that the outer box protects the things packed in the inner box from the heat and humidity. However, for most items, one box should do just fine storing your belongings for years even in the Floridan temperatures. 


If you are still looking for climate control, click here to find out more about our fantastic climate control storage options. 

We offer excellent storage solutions. 




Now, it is true that the cheapest storage units don’t always come with the best quality. But at Ft. Pierce Storage you never have to worry about that as all of our 10x15 public storage options come with plans that include fenced, lighted 24-hour surveillance. You will be given access to your unit around the clock and can even request special surveillance features. 



At Ft. Pierce Storage, we can create the right conditions for all of your near and dear items. With our 10x15 public storage units in Fort Pierce, you can declutter all your spaces and store those things that you just don't want at your house now or your office now  You and your possessions are valuable to us, and you come first in all we do. To learn more about our units, get in touch with us today. 

Video Caption


Hey guys, so if you're looking for public storage in Fort Pierce or self storage in Fort Pierce; you've come to the right place.

This particular video is on a 10 
foot by 15 foot storage unit in Fort Pierce. Also, we have other units available. This isn't the only one. Link in the description. But, this is the particular unit that we're going to talk about here. The self storage Fort Pierce unit can hold a small bedroom or a mid-sized bedroom. Also, it can store some other furniture; desks, tables, benches, a couple of nightstands, some lights, maybe a couch or two; depending on how you pack it.

And of course you have other 
things like bed frames and tables. You're going to want to take these things down. By the way you don't want to leave them set up.

Another tip that I do, I may leave 
the table set up. I will pack things underneath, but then also stack things on top of cording a court. This is also relevant to how you put things in and the accessibility. By the way, we have ground level units. Hence, you pull your car up and for the most part load and unload.

Secure & Safe Public Storage Fort Pierce

Super easy 24-hour facility fenced lighted all that good stuff so self-storage in Fort Pierce and any public storage in Fort Pierce. This particular unit is non-climate controlled that I'm talking about in this video. But we also have climate controlled units. You're going to want to put things and valuables in there. Such as boutique stuff, some collectors items, any type of baseball cards; or pictures picture frames, certain clothes, and things like that.

Regardless of what you put anything in, I 
always recommend putting them in cardboard boxes. My personal recommendation, I even double box some of my stuff.

But this is if you are 
looking for a storage unit and self storage in Fort Pierce. We want to welcome you to Fort Pierce storage and RV parking. That's ftpieercestorage.com

See you on the inside

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